Machine Learning & DevOps Solution

MLOps is composed of three elements: machine learning, software development (Develop), and system maintenancie (Operation). It requires different teams to perform their roles and pay a lot of costs to complete. Gemini Open Cloud launch MLops solution which based on Cloud Native technology to help you focus on model development and take AI technology from data preparation to AI online services in a one-stop, automatically way run in a cloud-native environment.

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Introduction of MLOps Solution Pipeline

Gemini MLOps Feature

Step 1:Data Preparing

Set the prediction target of the model, and collect the data according to the target for machine learning, which is the primary job for AI model construstion.

Step 2:Model Training

The model needs to built through network design, hyperparameter tuning and repeated training, so that the model can recognize more data features.

Step 3:Model Evaluation

Evaluate whether the trained model performing well, and explore which element that affect the recognition performance to find a more superior combination.

Step 4:Model Deployment

The stable model obtained through repeated training deployed in the cloud environment to provide inference services, and the prediction results can be obtained by sending data to be predicted.

Step 5:Build MLOps Auto-Pipeline

Develop your automated workflow to achieve continuous integration and continuous deployment (CI/CD). Accelerate the operation of AI, and enhance your business development.

Benefit of Gemini MLOps Solution

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