Enterprise-grade AI Container Multi-Cloud Solutio

One-stop cloud-native resource management and AI development platform - Gemini AI Console. Maximize the efficiency of GPU resource usage and simplify the complex AI development process through GPU sharing technology. Accelerate enterprise AI innovation and introduction.

Containerized IT Architecture - Accelerate the Digital Transformation of AI

You can easily create container environment with tools required for AI development through a simple web user interface. Without worrying about and understanding complex IT languages. It is the best AI development container management solution for enterprises/organizations.

Simplify the IT process
Meet the needs of organization management.
Help your AI developers
improve development efficiency
Multi-cloud architecture to meet the various possibilities
of enterprise's future IT development.
learn more auout GPU partitioning technology

Customer Sharing

"Our requirement is to distribute GPU resources fairly and to facilitate management. After the introduction of Gemini’s system, AI artificial intelligence teaching will be simplified. Teachers and students can focus on the establishment and training of AI models without spending a lot of time on the operation of the system. It can speed up stepping into the application areas of AI artificial intelligence and machine learning." More...

Takming University of Science and Technology Computer Center

GPU partitioning technology & CPU/GPU computing resource management

  • Exclusive GPU Partitioning technology provides multi-containers share single GPU resources to maximize your GPU usage efficiency.
  • Resources can be managed through public and private availability zones.
  • Administrators can formulate virtual machine and container resource specifications to provide users create and delete resources with self-service.

Multi-cloud management and solution introduction

  • Integrate hybrid multi-cloud, that is, multiple public and private cloud through professional technical service to be managed wi th a single user interface.
  • Assist companies in planning and designing AI containerization and cloud native import solutions according to their respective environment.
  • Provide AI containerization, micorservice and cloud solution.

One-stop management and self-service platform

  • Manage the Multi-Cloud Environment through a simple Web UI. Which support multiple sites of public cloud and private cloud in the meanwhile.
  • Provide three-tier management role and Multi-Project Structure. Each project has an independent resource space and exclusive software package, which meets the needs of modern organizations.
  • Provides visual dashboards and usage reports to help IT managers monitor and manage systems usages.

Automated tasks & AI workflow

  • Create jobs or AI pipelines in a simple way on the Web UI.
  • Set timmers to trigger your jobs or AI pipeline.
  • Can be used with common CI/CD software to customize the dedicated DevOps or MLOps workflow

Customized exclusive solutions

  • Build-in software market provides multiple AI development frameworks.
  • Customizable software templates, users can easily create a customized development environment or service with one click.
  • Support various containerized development services, users can create CI/CD processes and deploy exclusive services and applications on the cloud.
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