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We provide multiple solutions for different scenarios.

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Solution Overview

ML DevOps

  • Manage complex raw data formats
  • Quickly and automatically create the computing environment required for AI/ML
  • Flexibility to adjust the computing resources required for each ML project
  • Preserve and share AI training data in the cloud
  • Continuouing training and improving AI inference model
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AI Education Cloud

  • Through our multi-tenant and hierarchical role management, professors and TA can set up separate project space for each student
  • Cloud service marketplace enables data preparation and machine learning application environments to be pre-prepared and easily orchestrated
  • Support dedicated and shared resource zone, flexible computing mode according to usage scenarios to avoid spend a lot of budget for virtualized VM environment
  • Make AI teaching concentrate on AI tool application instead of wasting time in resource management
  • More storage resources choices, no need to be locked-in
  • Better scalability when encounter insufficient computing resources
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Enterprise Private Cloud

  • Enterprise IT managers can package internal application services to enterprise private cloud through marketplace function
  • Able to integrate existing account system (AD) and to assign cloud solutions to different departments or projects
  • Deploy enterprise cloud applications through GOC PaaS and flexibly scale-out according to computing requirements
  • Different departments can log into the enterprise private cloud through Service Portal, but only use authorized application services
  • API Gateway is the only component outside the corporate firewall. API Gateway manages the user access to all application services and enhances security protection
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  • Improve developer’s experience and attract more business opportunities
  • Ensure the security and optimization of enterprise systems while sharing resources
  • Lightweight and efficient design to meet any scale of demand
  • Get Insight from monitoring instant usage trends, increasing revenue and productivity
  • Heterogeneous resource management, providing rapid and flexible deployment according to enterprise needs
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AI VSaaS(Surveillance) Solution

  • Full set of VMS features supported by browser or mobile clients
  • Use can add IP cameras to the VM server by themselves
  • Support ONVIF standard
  • Automatic VMS failover
  • Extensible Cloud storage for recorded videos
  • Customized user portal
  • Professional service to support Integration with multiple AI applications
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