Kubernetes Professional Services

Planning, Building, and Optimizing Your Kubernetes Systems

We are a Kubernetes Certified Service Provider (KCSP), run by the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF).
When enterprises want to adopt Kubernetes as their IT infrastructure, we can assist with in requirements analysis, project planning, system architecture design and development, and complete end-to-end implementation.
From consulting, designing, to optimizing your Kubernetes container platform, we provide enterprises with the most professional container technology to easily break through the limitations and bottlenecks of cloud-native application development, delivery and maintenance in hybrid multiclouds.

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Consulting Services

Gemini Open Cloud’s consultants assist companies in analyzing and diagnosing the pain points of the company’s IT environment. Analyze the potential business value of the container cloud to develop a project plan.

Service Scope

  • Diagnosis of existing IT architecture
  • Standardize source code management and version control policies
  • Advise on migrating existing application services to the cloud
  • Consulting in transforming monolithic apps into microservices
  • Development and testing process diagnosis
  • CI/CD process, MLOps workflow advices
  • Infrastructure-as-Code (IaC) automation and maintenance diagnosis
  • Container cloud solution analysis

Design Services

Through a detailed systems analysis, Gemini Open Cloud's consultants customize the overall architecture design to turn your enterprise's container cloud into a comprehensive solution that achieves your business goals.

Service Scope

  • Hybrid multi-cloud architecture design
  • Kubernetes application platform deployment
  • Transform monolithic apps into microservices
  • Detailed design of development and testing environments
  • CI/CD process, MLOps workflow improvement and design
  • Infrastructure-as-Code (IaC) automation and maintenance design
  • Container cloud solution design

Optimization Services

Gemini Open Cloud's experienced consultants help enterprises solve the challenges of introducing container technologies and solutions to help them complete their digital transformation to the cloud in terms of technology, processes, people and knowledge.

Service Scope

  • Project Management Services
  • Development and testing optimization services
  • Operation and Maintenance optimization services
  • Container cloud technology training
  • Container platform performance tuning
  • Advanced Technical Support
  • Integration of existing enterprise identity mechanisms
  • Kubernetes major version upgrades or expansions
  • Migration of existing application services on behalf of customers
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