GOC Nomos

Cloud Native & Multi-Cloud Application Management Platform

GOC Nomos helps companies manage hybrid multi-cloud Kubernetes clusters and sourcing fully cloud-native technologies for application development and life cycle management. Developers can focused on business logical and service development with marketplace and continuous integration / continuous delivery (CI/CD) processes to accelerating enterprise innovation.

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Hybrid Multi-Cloud Management & Cloud-Native Application Development

Accelerate Your Speed to Market with Cloud Native Technologies

GOC Nomos can be operated through an easy-to-understand Web Portal to manage and fully import Kubernetes ecosystem. Helps enterprises gradually achieve digital transformation, lower the entry threshold, and reduce the cost of kubernetes maintenance.

GOC Nomos provides a highly integrated, on-demand container development environment based on agile development. It has a built-in project lifecycle management to manage manpower and resources. Also keep the project development progress to improve software quality and stability!

Enterprises have to consider any possibilities for future development when carrying out cloud digital transformation. GOC Nomos supports multi-cloud management and multi-tenancy architecture for administrators to easily manage resources and quotas. Helps IT delegate authority flexibly to make development more efficient!

Functions & Features

Implement Kubernetes ecosystem to realize hybrid multi-cloud management

Provides a complete cloud-native architecture, built-in container and image management. Deploy Kubernetes clusters and monitoring services with single click, greatly reducing the complexity and risk of implementation. GOC Nomos supports Kubernetes management of public cloud and private cloud, and monitoring clusters and services in real time, freeing IT and SRE from the dilemma of operating and maintaining different platforms.

Application-centric development and integrated CI/CD to acceleration services to the market

GOC Nomos allows developers to quickly package objects through the application marketplace. With multi-project processes, which can be deployed in different Kubernetes project environments such as Development, Staging, and Production. Applications can be accelerate to market by developed CI/CD continuous integration and deployment automated pipelines.

Provide enterprise-level cloud management and maintenance, greatly simplifies the complexity of cloud native technologies.

GOC Nomos has a built-in three-tier authority, which can realize many-to-many management of projects and accounts. Completely monitor and operate Kubernetes clusters on hybrid multi-cloud through a single platform. IT administrators and application developers can focus on designing and matintaining cloud-native applications with visualized operations. Greatly reducing the threshold for technology introduction.

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