Gemini API Gateway

As the Internet of Things and mobile applications drive the booming of API economy, API plays an increasingly important role in enterprise application services. However, with the rapid growth of APIs and micro-services, how can Enterprise open data or internal service to partners, third-party developers, mobile apps, and cloud services without compromising data security or back-end system performance? Therefore, companies need a complete, lightweight, and efficient API management solution.

Gemini API Gateway uses container technology to achieve efficient and rapid deployment. It is different from using virtual machine and needs less resources. Gemini API Gateway with Gemini AI Console can effectively improve performance and significantly reduce resource usage.

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Gemini API gateway Feature

API Lifecycle ManagementProvide APIs upload service and API testing environment to accelerate the speed of innovation and effectively manage the quality between microservices
API Route ManagementMange different users, developers and devices to access and use the correct API quickly and efficiently
Security Key ManagementIssue security key to users for access control to achieve enterprise grade security level
DashboardProvide visual dashboard to help managers monitor relevant data in real time, gain a clear understanding of API usage trends and records, and effectively expand business opportunities
Log ManagementLet users check the history of the API service being used


Improve the developer experience and accelerate the service lifecycle

GOC API Gateway provides complete API lifecycle management to manage all APIs of the enterprise in one place, and provides an administration web interface to define developer and manager roles and operation permissions. API Gateway can be integrated with the Corporate’s existing Active Directory. Service Providers can use their existing credential to create API access keys for Developers to develop and test new API services, and increase the flexibility and opportunity to create new business model.

Ensure the security and optimization of enterprise systems while sharing resources

GOC API Gateway provides Identification and access management (IAM) to integrate with the corporate identity verification mechanism when user accessing services, also ensures API security through security key management. GOC API Gateway supports traffic control, including setting rate limitation of API request and response amount, and provide request size and request termination mechanism to avoid API overloading.

Lightweight and efficient design to meet any scale of demand

GOC API Gateway is built on Container technology to achieve lightweight, high availability (HA), scale out and non\-disruptive upgrade mechanisms. Therefore, it can provide service according to the demand to handle any traffic growth without interruption.