GOC API Gateway

GOC API Gateway achieve efficient and rapid service deployment with container and kubernetes technology, which supports High Availibility and automatic fault tolerance, greatly improve system reliability. With multiple safty control mechanisms and visual dashboards, you can effectively manage API lifecycle and expose your data to external end-users or partners with security. Rapidly increase your external partners and business opportunities!

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One Step Service for API Intergration and Management

API Service Lifecycle Management
  • API Service / Route Management
  • API Launch/Remove and Upgrade
  • Instant Configuration
  • API Access Management
  • Service API Management
  • API Service Format Conversion Setting
Information Security and Traffic Monitoring
  • Integrated Enterprise Certification
  • API Key and Permission Management
  • Black / White List ACL Management
  • API Service Traffic Management
  • Second-level API Access Setting
  • Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) Management
  • Crawler Control
Automatic API Testing and Analysis
  • Swagger API Document Management
  • API Service Register Auto Testing
  • API and Testing Version Management
  • Data Visualization Report
  • API Test Result Menagement
Graphical User Interface and Monitoring
  • Complete API Service Monitoring Dashboard
  • Visualized API Information Security Setting
  • Visualized API Traffic Setting
  • Browsing Interactive API Swagger
  • User Account Management
  • Advanced Administrator Function Setting
Flexible Management Architecture
  • Support Multi-Project Management
  • High Availability and Scalability
  • Multiple Resource Zone
  • Support Container / Virtual Machines
  • Support Deployment Environments includes On-Premise、Cloud and Hybrid
Plugin Integration and Professional Service
  • Customized Plugins Design and Integration
  • Provide Technical Documents and Training
  • Up to 7 x 24 Hour Technical Support
  • Local Professional Technical and Operation Team

Why Companies are Adoping GOC API Gateway?


Fully Permission Control to Improve Information Security and System Performance.

Built-in multi-granularity identity and API key management to ensure API services security and greatly simplify redundant program. Supports variety type of information security control, including identity authentication, traffic control, and information security management with restrictions and termination. Greatly reducing back-end applications being attacked and excessive resource scheduling problems.

Instance Monitoring

Instantly Monitor Usage Trends to Improve Revenue and Productivity.

Get real-time reports through dashboards and identify API usage and trends that may impact your business. You can also check detail API operation including 'Request' and 'Response' historical records with log. Improve business revenue and productivity through effective data for further analysis.

Flexible Operation

Operations are More Flexible. Perfect for Various Service Settings

Easily control various type of operation mode with friendly user interface. Build-in load-balancer and also supports blue/green deployment, canary deployment, etc. GOC API gateway contains monitoring service health check, which can support real-time disconnection and service orientation. Optimize your customer experience with non-stop services.

Professional Technology

Customizing Plugins to Fulfill Various Needs of Digital Transformation

Built-in extension, you can customize and add different plug-ins according to various problems from the process of transformation. Helping enterprises at different stages to effectively achieve the goal of digital transformation!

Best API Management Solution

Support Different Needs of API Services

Manage Your Data Right from the Client, and Get a Head Start on the Market!

APIs connect applications, systems and services in the enterprise to create the value customers want. Enterprises use APIs to accelerate digital transformation. Rapidly increase external partners and business opportunities, and create attractive new customer experiences to gain new benefits. Manage your API lifecycle with GOC API Gateway. With multiple security controls, open information assets to external end users or partners without affecting data security or backend system performance. Accelerate your business operations and be the first to enter the market!

Quickly Build Exclusive API Management Solutions

GOC API Gateway can help you rapidly grow your API services. With secure and effective controls, APIs can effectively help you accelerate your time to market!

  • Quickly generate API services to enter the market
  • Flexible and efficient monitoring and management
  • A Single Platform Meets all API Management Needs