AI SaaS platform is a SaaS services developed based on Gemini AI Console. With complete deep learning model development tool chain to quickly deliver resources through a web interface to conduct model development and deployment immediately. AI developers are free to choose the tools and resources in needed with an affordable cost. It is simple and easy to use. One-stop service to meet AI development needs with NVIDIA GPU environment. Can effectively improve training efficiency and shorten the development time!

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Service Advantage

Efficient and Time-saving

Using a high-performance GPU environment for training saves a lot of time and further improves development efficiency.

High Speed Internet

The platform connects with externally high-speed network. Your data transmission is not delayed. And improve faster model development and deployment with a better user experience.

Fast Delivery

After the demand is confirmed, your service is quickly activated. You can choose a variety of development tools and put them into production immediately without waiting for a long time.

Hourly Billing

Users can manage resources flexibly according to their needs with hourly billing. Which can flexible control and reduce expenditure.

GUI Management

With a complete user interface, intuitive setting and management. Easy to understand the current status of resources and services.

Rich Tools

There are 7 AI development tools for ML tool chain. Which is suitable for algorithm and model development. Tools are still increasing.

Out-of-the-Box Web Editing

Quickly enter the AI development environment with required framework and computing resources.

Complete Self-management Interface

Enterprises can set their own resource usage limits and usage rights.

Exclusive Complete Computing Resources

Avoid competition with other user resources which will cause the danger of work interruption.



Suitable for beginners, looking for a more cost-effective cloud GPU environment.
It's FREE. No credit card information required.

NTD. 0

  • Free GPU (According to the system condition, the maximum free usage is 20hr/week)
  • 30GB Storage
  • Multiple AI preload solutions
  • Ready to use, convenient and fast!


Suitable for ML engineers, data scientists, R&D
Flexible billing based on selected resources. No need contract-bound.

NTD 48/h up

  • Dedicated GPU Resources (Use as much as you want and without interruption)
  • 30GB Storage (Additional storage space can be upgraded)
  • Can apply for exclusive project (Teamwork possible)
  • Multiple AI preload solutions
  • Ready to use, convenient and fast!
  • Monthly/Annual rent available, more discount!


Suitable for large-scale projects, enterprise users.
Has exclusive plans, enterprise-level professional services, and supports the establishment of private cloud environments.

Customized Service

  • Dedicated GPU Resources
  • Dedicated Storage
  • Exclusive Projects
  • Customizable preload solution
  • Optionally build a private cloud to replicate the full functionality of AI SaaS

Specifications and Architecture

Standard GPU8 Core32 GB35846 GB
Advanced GPU8 Core32 GB58888 GB

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