Make AI Cloud Computing More Efficient & Fliexible & Easy for Business

All in one AI Console & API Gateway combined with Gemini's exclusive GPU Partitioning technology, allow multiple containers share the same GPU card, greatly reducing the waste of GPU resources in the past. With Job/Pipeline that can recycled compute resource immediately after process is completed. Maximize the efficiency of your GPU resources & simplify your complicated AI development processes.

Whom would Benefit from GeminiOpenCloud?

Cloud Provider
IT Admin
AI Scientists
SaaS Provider

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Accelerate Enterprise AI Application Development

Simplify IT Management and Improve Resource Utilization. Optimize Data Analysis and M/L Development Process

Product Use Case

An Essential Element for Cloud Native Microservices

Manage API Life Cycle and Optimize System Performance

Product Use Case

Customized Cloud Service Solution

Without change the code in original software. Gemini can easily move these application into a more flexible and expandable cloud infrastructure, becoming an add-on service.

Product Use Case

Exclusive GPU Sharing Technology & CPU/GPU Management

  • With exclusive GPU Partitioning technology. Multiple containers can share the same GPU card to maximize your GPU efficiency.
  • Manage resource by public and privete availability zones
  • Manage resources to create virtual machines and containers

Automate Jobs & AI Pipelines

  • Create jobs or AI pipeline in a simple way on portal
  • Subscribe scheduler to trigger your jobs or AI pipelines automatically

All in One Management Console

  • Manage multiple infrastructures with simple user interfaces
  • 3-tier management role with different UI functions & API services
  • Multiple dashboard and audit log

Customized Your Own Solutions

  • Build-in marketplace provides multiple AI frameworks
  • Customised service templates into solutions. Create services in just one click.

Taiwania2 Core Software Development Provider

Taiwania 2 which is named the 20th-most powerful computer in the world, the best ranking for a Taiwan-made supercomputer ever. GeminiOpenCloud includes an added Platform as a Service (PaaS) layer to support multi-cloud resource management for the ML pipeline as well as hosting AI applications. This improves the efficiency and lowers the cost of AI Machine Learning lifecycle development.