Yuan Ze University - Big Data/AI Cloud

1. Case Summary

In order to support the Far Eastern Group's subsidiaries to use AI technology, Yuan Ze University has established Innovation Center for Artificial Intelligence Applications (ICAIA) to conduct research related to intelligent applications through big data from related business like telecommunications, hospitals, and department stores.





Use Case

  • Artificial intelligence/Big data computing
  • Nvidia DGX-1、GPU、Kubernetes、Gemini AI Console

2. Pain Points and Challenges

  • Lack of effective unified management for unified hosts.
  • Need to integrated with existed LDAP server and Network file systems.
  • As DGX-1 expensive, GPU resources need to be properly used to provide different AI research.

3. Architecture Design Features

  • A single node can manage multiple GPU computing hosts.
  • Provide an effective three-tier, multi-project management mechanism.
  • Connect to existing LDAP server and NFS file system

4. Result

  • Yaun Ze actively uses AI Console to allocate GPU resources to achieve effective resource utilization.
  • Yuan Ze University has successfully built Innovation Center for Artificial Intelligence Applications (ICAIA). In the future, it will combine AI-related learning programs and cooperate with various business entities of the Far Eastern Group to create AI application scenarios that meet the needs of the industry.