Customer Overview

Well-known wafer foundryWell-known wafer foundry use deep learning software to sprint in the field of smart manufacturing. The company uses HPE GPU servers and Gemini Open Cloud AI Console to build its AI infrastructure to provide data scientists and researchers with a cross-factory, scalable platform to develop smarter IC fabrication pipeline.After importing the Gemini Open Cloud AI Console, Gemini Open Cloud assisted the fab to change the data collection and training to Container Site and Container Job tasks. The data collection no longer takes up GPU resources, and after the model training is over, you can release GPU cards to other AI projects. Which has greatly increased the utilization rate of GPU cards and accelerated the progress of AI projects in fabs. At the same time, the customer success team of Gemini Open Cloud assisted the fab to import other MLOps related tools, such as DVC, GitLab, Jenkins, to make the MLOps process richer and smoother.
National Center for High-Performance ComputingAssisted National Applied Research Labs to build a multi-cloud resource management platform that manages heterogeneous architectures, and has the latest big data software ecosystem and machine learning cluster deployment capabilities, such as TensorFlow, Spark and Hadoop. End users (for example, professors, students, and data scientists) can quickly launch a large number of computing cluster environments simply by clicking on the service portal without worry about the underlying computing architecture. The platform integrated object storage and file storage systems to share data from the same Data Lake for data collection, data analysis, model training and inference process. The system also has the API Management function, which can manage Restful APIs for service provider and integrate the operator’s LDAP directory and authentication system. [more]
YuanZe UniversityYuanZe University would like to set up an Artificial Intelligence Cross-domain Innovation Application Center to conduct AI application research through big data in telecommunications, hospitals, department stores and other businesses. Gemini team helped Yuanzhe University build a comprehensive AI management platform to simplify the IT complexity of the AI Center, including integrating existing LDAP and file storage (NFS) and optimizing GPU usage. Through Gemini’s GPU Resource Management System (Gemini AI Console), Yuanzhe University had successfully created this AI Cross-domain Innovation application center. In the future, it will combine AI-related courses and cooperate with various businesses of the Far East Group to develop various AI innovation for industry. [more]
CathayLifeAssisted Cathay Life Insurance’s old CRM system to re-plan and build a microservice architecture from a monolithic legacy architecture, splitting the service into multiple microservices built on container applications. Container-based service can achieve rapid deployment, scalability, and high availability etc., greatly optimizing access efficiency and increasing the flexibility of the architecture. Since there are more microservices split, services need to be managed. In this case, we introduced Gemini API Gateway, which can be operated through a user friendly portal to manage APIs’ life cycle, routing, authentication, traffic restriction and security controls. Managing a large number of microservices access across nodes in multiple data centers at once, and using Portal’s powerful visual charts to observe each service and API access status at a time, so that IT managers can quickly grasp the status of each service. [more]
National Cheng Kung UniversityAssisted NCKU in building a cloud virtualization environment that can handle both OpenStack (Virtual Machine) and Kubernetes (container) dual-architecture, and has the latest big data software ecosystem and machine learning cluster deployment platform, which can horizontal scale-out in the future. The teachers and students can easily apply for a variety of Big Data or AI computing tools as cloud services on the platform, and return the resources to other users after finishing computation, effectively improved the utilization of physical resources. Through the three-tier management structure, different roles and authorities can be clearly distinguished, and users at different levels can use different resources through their friendly interface. Gemini AI Cloud simplify IT complexity, facilitate education project research management and cost sharing at school. [more]
RealtekAssisted Realtek to build an ITaaS service platform with up to 100 server nodes in the enterprise, helping its IT department to easily deploy a flexible, agile virtual environment for various IC software system testing, integrated testing and new EDA tool testing. In the future, it is expected to expand to provide RTL coding and synthetic development environments in the IC design process. Gemini ITaaS Cloud can provide IT services requested by the R&D department through container technology, and deploy the application service environment in about 5~10 seconds, greatly improving the efficiency of the IT department and effectively reducing the R&D staff’s waiting time. [more]
Industrial Technology Research InstituteGemini team assisted ITRI to build its “MATLAB Cloud”, which is the first cloud service solution in Taiwan that integrates MATLAB and IaaS/PaaS Cloud. Gemini team optimized integration and designed for MATLAB operations on IaaS/PaaS. Therefore, when users use MATLAB cloud, they can actually feel the flexibility, convenience and superior performance brought by cloud computing, and can calculate the overall resource usage of MATLAB and computing tools according to the actual needs of users, hence easily solve the problem of insufficient purchase of software/tools, and let the management team fully grasp the overall actual usage, reduce the administrative cost and burden of procurement. [more]