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Gemini Open Cloud is a leading cloud technology expert in Taiwan. We committed to helping enterprises easily adopt cloud and container virtualization technologies through cloud-native and multi-cloud management platform to introduce modern development architecture and AI containerization. Provide best digital transformation solutions.

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Realize Digital Transformation with Cloud-Native Empowerment

Top Cloud-Native Technologies Experts Provide You the Most Complete Solution

CNCF Certified Kubernetes Service Provider

Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) is the official organization of Kubernetes. Gemini Open Cloud Computing is the only CNCF certificatd KCSP (Kubernetes Certified Service Provider) in Taiwan that provides enterprise the most complete both cloud-native technology products and services.

Cloud Native Products and Services

Meeting Global Challenges, We Assist You in Rapid & Totally Transformation

Complete Service

Cloud Computing Technologist

Technology Support

The most professional after-sales service and technical consultation, providing customers with the most powerful technical support!

Service Management

Multiple API security control mechanisms, so that information security and service upgrades will not stop!

AI Development

Quickly start the AI development environment, effectively manage GPU development resources, and make the service more intelligent!

Architecture Building

Effectively import K8s and multi-cloud management infrastructure to accelerate the development efficiency of cloud-native applications!

Quickly Provisioning - Easy Maintenance and Operation

K8s multi-cloud management and cloud-native application development platform

GOC Nomos

GOC Nomos can quickly provision and manage multiple K8s clusters, build a cloud-native application development architecture for enterprises, and provide complete services and monitoring with a single interface to completely build a modern IT infrastructure.

AI Development - GPU Sharing and Acceleration

GPU resource management and complete AI development tool chain

GOC AI Console

Based on K8s and GPU Partitioning sharing technology, it can effectively allocate GPU resources and maximize computing efficiency. With the built-in Jupyter Notebook and automated tools, the AI development timeline can be greatly shortened!

API Management Platform - The Best Tool for Microservices

One-stop API management and service monitoring platform/h1>

GOC API Gateway

With a multi-granularity security control, and a variety of API testing and deployment tools, it can efficiently manage API life cycle, prevent security issue, and improve user experience of microservices. Rapidly increase external partners and business opportunities.

Professional Planning • Complete Import

Comprehensive consulting design and optimization Container Multicloud Professional Services for Kubernetes

Provide emterprises with complete IT modernization analysis, project planning, system architecture design, and tool development to achieve end-to-end complete import, allowing enterprises easily breakthrough the bottleneck of cloud-native technology and quickly realize digital transformation.

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