Public Cloud Use Case

Customer Background

CHIEF Telecom is a professional telecommunication service provider. As an IDC/Tele-Center service provider, CHIEF aims to maximize its partners’ facility satisfaction and provides a 99.999% high availability and stability structure. In addition to the hardware facility, CHIEF has Type I telecommunication carriers’ circuit and Type II value-added network operators’ traffics under a comprehensive management system, professional facility management staff, flexible policies, and convenient location are add-on values to our customers.

More info about CHIEF Telecom can be found here:

  • client:CHIEF Telecom
  • website:

Why CHIEF Telecom choses the GOC solution?

GOC provides the best hosting platform for Public Cloud Turnkey solutions

  • One platform (GOC) and integrated with multiple SaaS, no need for CHIEF to build up or integrate by their own

GOC focuses on Cloud Solution platform, CHIEF focuses on Operations

  • CHIEF needs only small team to operate the service
  • GOC can provide the technical support for maintaining the S/W and H/W stacks

GOC is highly customizable to meet CHIEF’s requirement

  • Integrated with CHIEF self-service portal and billing system
  • Integrated with different SaaS vendors, which CHIEF would like to provide as cloud services, like Email as a Service, Cloud Storage as a Service, Backup/DRaaS, VSaaS and Big data as a Service…etc

Comparison to build it up by CHIEF itself

Shorten Time-to-market

  • If CHIEF built the Public Cloud by their own, it would takes more than 6 months to one year
  • By using GOC/AIC turnkey solution, public cloud can go to market within 3 months

Minimize the technical man power

  • For Cloud IaaS (OpenStack), it will need at least 5-10 technical people to maintain, not even to say upgrade to new version every 6 months; additional 5-10 technical people will need for PaaS/SaaS integration
  • By using GOC/AIC turnkey solution, CHIEF can minimize the technical man power to under 3 (depends on how deep they want to maintain inside company)

Maximize ROI

  • By using GOC/AIC turnkey solution, CHIEF can shorten the time-to-market and minimize the technical man power input, which means they can maximize the cost/performance or ROI

Long term technical support

  • By using GOC/AIC turnkey solution, CHIEF can get long term development partnership and technical support in both the technical business arena. GOC will help to bring in more and more SaaS solution in the future, to be integrated as a public cloud service. Also, CHIEF can sell the whole public cloud package (including their own operation know-how) to other IDC/Operators oversea


CHIEF App Cloud brings the benefits below:

For IDC Operator

  • Customer can use Public Cloud service for legacy applications easily
  • Turnkey solution which can reduce troubleshooting period
  • Customize business logic to manage the services, and it really save IT managers time
  • Support service portal and billing system service
  • Gemini support SaaS integration via Gemini PaaS rapidly that makes cloud marketplace idea feasible

For SaaS Vender, Cloud Service Provide (Customer of CHIEF APP Cloud)

  • Turn legacy application into cloud service rapidly without change
  • Start to launch cloud service easily
  • Allow customized cloud service process then make end-user experience more friendly then before
  • Provide monitoring and usage statistics for payment and billing use