PaaS – Gemini Open Cloud Platform

Value Proposition

We aim to improve the efficiency and lower the cost of your operations by migration your essential services to the cloud without rewriting your applications

Solution Foundry

SI or 3rd party ISV define service integration through a Cloud Service Definition Template (GSP) file

  • Cloud Service Metadata
  • VM resource and service orchestration
  • Service Portal Presentation & Business Logic

Upload GSP file to GOC and becomes a solution:

  • System admin assigns solution to tenants
  • Tenant admin creates instance of Cloud Service (site)

Categories of Services:

  • Web hosting
  • Content Management
  • Cloud Storage
  • DevOps
  • Hadoop
  • VSaaS (Video Surveillance)

Dual Portals Design

GOC comes with a web-based sytem portal for system operators. On the other hand, the Cloud Service Operator can define their own Service portal (using GOC Restful API’s) to customize their own business logic.(Service portal)。